Destruction Unit - Negative Feedback Resistor

Destruction Unit - Negative Feedback Resistor

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[Free US Shipping & Download] - Though not exactly metal (more like psych-noise-punk-post-rock??), this is the loudest, heaviest album Vinyl Loop has ever picked! Destruction Unit has earned a cult-like following from their blistering punk noise and chaotically unpredictable live shows. It's an ear busting, brain melting, monster album. Release Sept 18.

Ferocious, trans-radical psychedelic desert dwellers

Check out the scorching wall of sound single “If Death Ever Slept.”

Arizona-based Destruction Unit has something so raw that you can’t help but want to be involved in everything they do, which accounts for their cult-like following. For two years now, the world has waited for a new Destruction Unit album. But not because they've grown up or gotten soft, rather because they've been in the streets and in your backyards, pushing the freek agenda and imminentizing the alien-eschaton.

“Negative Feedback Resistor starts with more than two minutes of piercing feedback before launching into a full-on hardcore punk assault at breakneck speed... mellow-yet-menacing passages of psych and hardcore punk.” - Colorado Daily

They've been up and down and all around this globe, inducing chaos and madness, battling greedy club owners, show promoters and control pigs to bring the new American heavy underground through your back door.

“Destruction Unit are a band of trans-radical psychedelic desert dwellers...

...dug up from the sonic landfills of the cosmos, who have built a reputation for both mesmerizing and terrorizing crowds with their sheer power and intensity.” - Panache

Destruction Unit - Negative Feedback Resistor

How This Group of Self-Proclaimed Psychopaths Came to Be

Ryan Rousseau founded the group 10 years ago, playing with Jay Reatard and many other noise monsters in Memphis and Arizona. They re-tooled a few years ago and formed their current style and sound (read: LOUD NOISES).

Negative Feedback Resistor is their 3rd LP, but only the second released by Sacred Bones Records, one of the most influential purveyors of really loud, and non-non-non-non-mainstream beautiful records.

True words from Destruction Unit’s record label: “In the spirit of solidarity with the other revolutionary communities of our sisters and brothers, the psychedelic Unit urges you to use this album’s energy, energy your speakers can hardly contain, for its intended purpose: to break the chains which you, at the dawn of your understanding, have fastened around your hands and feet. And to see to it that the thrones of every despot erected within you are destroyed. This is crazed-psychedelic-freek-noise guerrilla warfare and these are our streets."

  • Disinfect (4:15)
  • Proper Decay (2:30)
  • Salvation (4:09)
  • Chemical Reaction/Chemical Delight (8:56)
  • Animal Instinct (6:42)
  • Judgment Day (5:28)
  • If Death Ever Slept (2:59)
  • The Upper Hand (6:00)

The best things come in thin square packages.

Sacred Bones Records

A top indie in the US, though only 8 years old, Sacred Bones is on the cutting edge of experimental, noisy, and artful music (Zola Jesus, Crystal Stilts, The Men).

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Adult Swim

Negative Feedback Resistor is co-released by Adult Swim, the TV network that brings you gems such as Children’s Hospital, Tim and Eric, and Rick & Morty.

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