Tobacco – Sweatbox Dynasty  (Transparent Blue/Beige Vinyl)

Tobacco – Sweatbox Dynasty (Transparent Blue/Beige Vinyl)

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[Transparent Blue/Beige Vinyl, Free US Shipping & Digital Download] – Sweatbox Dynasty

Over the last few years, Tobacco has left trails of mind-warping electronic music that meld a proud psychedelic tradition with the beeps, thumps and loops of synths, samples and drum machines. The result is pleasantly disorienting, and this record is no exception. Now Available.

Sweatbox Dynasty is a shimmering, hallucinatory odyssey. It's not always clear where it's going or what it's after, but that only makes its electronic ecstasy more tantalizing.

Listen to “Gods in Heat” here

In both his solo work as Tobacco and as the frontman of Pittsburgh-based synth-psych outfit Black Moth Super Rainbow, Thomas Fec has trafficked over the years in the weird, the uncanny, the not-quite-right.

“There’s an enchanting aura to the tone of each track; if the music isn’t exactly beautiful, it’s at least entrancing in how it can lull, then numb one into a private-listening fog.”–Consequence of Sound

He’s done so by taking human elements—often his own voice—and corroding them using filters like vocoder, talk box, and compressed synths that shudder like an atelectatic lung.

Consequence of Sound says:

“Fec’s bio-mechanical vocal quality (the guy very well may have a vocoder for an Adam’s apple) remains consistent throughout Sweatbox Dynasty, and as such, ends up adding some much-needed unification when some of the old ugliness manages to creep in.”

Tobacco –Sweatbox Dynasty

Sweatbox Dynasty is relentlessly weird, although it’s alluring in its own right. If you embrace things to the left of normal, this album may just be perfect for your listening experience.

On Sweatbox Dynasty, Fec creates a noisy and disenchanting beauty that’s apparent to only the most discerning of listeners!

There’s something to be said for this album’s unusual nature; it will resonate with some and completely shock others.

The album is a musing in the awkward electronic experimental space. If you’re not scared of new and innovative things, this LP is worth a spot in your collection.

  • Human Om
  • Hong
  • Wipeth Out
  • Gods in Heat
  • Home Invasionaries
  • Dimensional Hum
  • Warlock Mary
  • Suck Viper
  • The Modanna
  • Fantasy Trash Wave
  • Memory Girl
  • Let’s Get Worn Away

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