Pink Turns Blue –Meta (Clear Purple Vinyl)

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[Clear Purple Vinyl, Digital Download] – Meta

Recorded on the heels of their debut album If Two World Kiss (Also reissued byDais on August 9th) and informed by the band’s oscillating live synergy and bolstered by a boon of new equipment and texture, Pink Turns Blue’s sophomore album Meta (1988) was a conceptual leap predicated by the study of sound and exploration of its edges. With the same fervor that Joy Division mined deeper, darker, and less linear on Closer, Meta is a cohesive meditation on atmosphere and how every note and passage can traverse space individually and as part of a larger narrative.Recorded by Jané Krizaj known for producing most of Laibach’s material, Meta’s sessions took place in a basement studio located below a stadium.

Dais is proud to present the first ever official reissue of this classic deathrock /darkwave masterpiece. Limited vinyl edition is repackaged from the original art assets, in 24 pt reverse board jackets with inner euro sleeves with lyrics (free US Media Mail Shipping on orders over $50).