Alex Cameron – Forced Witness (Limited White Vinyl)

Alex Cameron – Forced Witness (Limited White Vinyl)

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[Limited Release White Vinyl, Free US Shipping & Digital Download] – Forced Witness

Alex Cameron, on his second full release, openly expresses his dissatisfaction with the challenges faced by humanity. He paints vivid pictures of a world without illusion, and he does so with honesty and sensibility. Available Now.

Cameron is the perfect antidote for the trying times of today; his music forces stress relief with simple and driving melodies that entertain.

Preview “Candy May” here:

With his second full-length album, Cameron presents a sense of raw humanity, reaching beyond the commercial nature of the industry to appeal to our most basic human sensibilities.

“Stranger’s Kiss,” the new duet between Australian singer Alex Cameron and Angel Olsen, is deceptively slick. The driving guitar, explosive alto sax, and four-on-the-floor drums are radiant, but that stands in stark contrast to the story’s dingy reality.” -Pitchfork

The album’s ten tracks are alive and radiating with the rich detail of life, and they feature both the darker and lighter sides of suffering and redemption.

“We are all forced to watch. Every possible catastrophe vibrates in our pockets, demanding to be witnessed.”

“Bearing witness to the baroque clusterfuckery of the world is no longer voluntary,” says Cameron.

Alex Cameron –Forced Witness

The second album really showcases the social relevance that we’re all seeking in our musical escapes from day to day life!

Although Forced Witness is still dark and powerful, it also shows a more beautiful side of human emotions.

Without taking himself too seriously, Cameron embraces a familiar musical approach that propelled his first album to success.

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  • Candy May
  • Country Figs
  • Runnin’ Outta Luck
  • Stranger’s Kiss
  • True Lies
  • Studmuffin96
  • The Chihuahua
  • The Hacienda
  • Marlon Brando
  • Politics of Love

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