Amen Dunes – Love (Transparent Blue Vinyl)

Amen Dunes – Love (Transparent Blue Vinyl)

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[Limited Release Transparent Blue Vinyl, Free US Shipping & Digital Download] – Love

Amen Dunes, AKA Damon McMahon, treaded new ground for the third time with the release of Love in 2013. The album is finally being released on transparent blue vinyl and limited to 650 copies, so take a listen to this important and memorable album…you’ll love it! Now Available.

Love is a twelve song display of raw emotions and atmosphere produced by Dave Bryant and Efrim Menuck of Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Preview “Lonely Richard” here:

Damon’s work embraces the earlier works of Van Morrison, aiming to the likes of Astral Works and Veedon Fleece, all while achieving a unique and stand-alone sound.

“McMahon’s a constantly improving songwriter, and with Love, he’s created his most fully realized and purposeful batch of songs yet.” –Consequence of Sound

This album is timeless, and it stands up against other folk albums that have dominated the genre for decades.

Pitchfork says:

“When all of McMahon’s seeking comes together, the results can feel like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.”

Amen Dunes –Love

Damon’s third album definitely embodies stronger song writing, making for a less unique but more enjoyable experience!

The album is defined largely by meditative acoustic strums, which accompany a distant, albeit personal, vocal performance.

Although the raw energy is certainly front and center, the subtle variations in temper combined with the polarizing lyrics suggest confusion and indefinite soul-searching.

The journey continues throughout the entire album, and its simple, yet effective, style commands your attention and full enjoyment.

  • White Child
  • Lonely Richard
  • Splits are Parted
  • Sixteen
  • Lilac in Hand
  • Rocket Flare
  • I Know Myself
  • Everybody is Crazy
  • Green Eyes
  • I Can’t Dig It
  • Love
  • Sandy Channel
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