Moon Duo – Occult Architecture Vol. 2 (Blue Smoky Vinyl)

Moon Duo – Occult Architecture Vol. 2 (Blue Smoky Vinyl)

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[Limited Release Blue Smoky Vinyl, Free US Shipping & Digital Download] – Occult Architecture Vol.2

Moon Duo showcases the second of two parts of a psychedelic opus released in 2017, the first being an intricately woven hymn to the invisible structures found in the cycle of seasons and the journey of day into night, dark into light. The second represents the lighter side of things, or an awakening, if you will. Now Available.

Moon Duo offers a cosmic glimpse into the hidden patterning embedded in everything with the Occult Architecture Volumes.

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With their fifth full-length album, Moon Duo embrace the notion of occult, which represents all things magic and supernatural. In fact, the root of the word occult is that which is hidden, concealed, and beyond the limits of our minds.

“The concept of the dark/light, two-part album came as we were recording and mixing the songs, beginning in the dead of winter and continuing into the rebirth and blossoming of the spring.” –Ripley Johnson, Mood Duo guitarist

With the second volume bringing the light, the first embodies both the darkness and extremes of the dead of winter. After listening, you’ll be pining for the other installment.

Guitarist Ripley Johnson continues:

“There’s something really powerful about the changing of the seasons in the Northwest, the physical and psychic impact it has on you, especially after we spent so many years in the seasonal void of California.”

Moon Duo –Occult Architecture Vol. 2

This fifth album definitely embodies some serious emotion, which is no surprise due to the theme and energy driving the final product!

With guidance through the seasonal changes we all (are most) embrace each year, the latest Moon Duo volumes are sure to offer something for all moods.

Although the raw energy of the darkness and winter are featured in the first installment, this second volume provides a powerful and much indeed transition into the light.

This record, spanning over five equally harmonious tracks, spins for nearly 40 minutes of pure light.

  • New Dawn
  • Mirror’s Edge
  • Sevens
  • Lost in Light
  • The Crystal World

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