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Vinyl typically sells anywhere from $20 to $50 dollars for new release records. Most sites selling new vinyl either lack innovation or function quite poorly. Vinyl Loop (VL) aims to solve this issue with a simple, easy e-commerce platform. 

The idea is simple. VL picks a few records every month that you are going to love. Then, we work directly with the label or artist to get the cost super low on a limited number (we ain't takin' home much bank on these deals yet either). We also work hard to get you additional stuff with the record, like posters, digital downloads, stickers, autographs, and more.

At the end of the day, we're music lovers building something new for other music lovers. You're as much a founder of Vinyl Loop as we are, so we hope you'll enjoy (and take pride) in helping us build a new music retail model. So, please, oh pretty pretty please, share Vinyl Loop on Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else you share stuff.

What is Vinyl Loop?

Vinyl Loop is a members-only deals site for new release vinyl records online. Vinyl is awesome. If you're not a vinyl owner now, get started. You'll be glad you did. It's an amazing musical experience that will ground you in your fast-paced digital life.

How much does it cost?

Joining Vinyl Loop and getting access to our deals is free. To actually purchase a deal, the cost varies, but rest assured, we are ALWAYS the lowest price out there, with free US shipping, plus add-ons like stickers, posters, patches, and more.

Is shipping really free?

Yes! We use Media Mail with the US Postal Service. This is the lowest cost shipping available, and allows us to pass more savings on to you. We will most likely offer a variety shipping options very soon though, because media mail is slower than you may be accustomed to and does not include tracking of any kind.

How do you sell new release vinyl records online at prices lower than anyone else?

We get our records direct from labels or distributors. Then, we decrease the amount of money that we make on each unit so that we can pass more savings on to you. We're really trying to shake things up in the music market. It's ridiculous that records cost a couple of bucks to make, then by the time they're available to you they cost 10 times that much. Vinyl Loop is working to change this.

How can I contact you?

We would love to hear from you, seriously. And we will definitely respond. Email is the best way: support[at]vinylloop.com.

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We'd love to connect with you on Twitter or Facebook. If you are a customer and have questions or need customer support, please email support@vinylloop.com. For anything else, or just to say hi (which we really hope you will do), please email hi@vinylloop.com. If you're interested in jobs or internships, please email jobs@vinylloop.com and let us know what interests you and tell us a bit about your background. We would absolutely love to hear from you for any reason, period. We will respond to all emails within 24 hours.


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