Beirut - No No No (Limited Blue Vinyl)

Beirut - No No No (Limited Blue Vinyl)

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[Limited Blue Vinyl, Free US Shipping & Download] - No No No is Beirut’s most vibrant, spirited record yet. It's their most paired down too -- primarily piano, guitar, bass, drums, and the familiar vocals of Zach Condon. But no over-the-top-Sufjan-Stevens-year-2005-esque theatrical orchestration -- just pure, spacious songcraft. Release Sept. 11th.

Beirut’s Most Spirited and Vibrant Work Yet

Listen to The Title Track “No No No” Here

Beirut rose to an empire of success over the past decade with huge orchestrations, horns, strings, and theatrics. But now, at age 30, writer and frontman Zach Condon has embraced simplicity on No No No.

The songs on ‘No No No’ could be performed in stadiums with thirty piece orchestras, but they could also easily be played in local pubs, too. It’s truly terrific and flexible songwriting on Condon’s behalf. - DIY Mag

No No No comes to us four years after The Rip Tide. It was recorded over a two week period during one of the coldest New York winters on record - with blizzard after blizzard raging outside. That cold context makes the warmth of the tunes even more remarkable! Some in the press have faulted the album as flawed for its simplicity, but after dozens of listens, Vinyl Loop’s editors couldn’t disagree more.

“All the Beirut staples are here:

there’s soaring yet nuanced horns on ‘August Holland’, there’s honky tonk keys and subtle strings on the instrumental ‘As Needed’. Condon’s voice sounds as enunciated and proper as ever, helping pull together one of the clearest versions of the Beirut sound the band have laid down to date.” - DIY Mag

Beirut - No No No - The Madness Behind the Method

Equal Parts Tumultuous and Triumphant

Beirut leader Zach Condon created the music for No No No after a painful divorce and even hospitalization from exhaustion. But in interviews he mentions that the album also comes from a positive place of new relationships. Some of the greatest albums that songwriters produce come after multi-year periods of writer’s block and struggles, followed by a short burst of genius, guided by a rudder that is steering them out of darkness. No No No has these elements. The tumultuousness seems to have led Beirut to a new place of clarity.

Beirut has incredibly diverse influence, from Balkan folk, to Mariachi, to of course Indie, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, and many more contemporaries. Here you’ll find many notes of Beach Boys, especially tracks like “As Needed.”

Now Beirut will embark on a global tour of huge venues, like Radio City Music Hall. The new paired down music from No No No will have no problem being expanded to fill 10,000+ seat auditoriums though.

  • Gibraltar
  • No No No
  • At Once
  • August Holland
  • As Needed
  • Perth
  • Pacheco
  • Fener
  • So Allowed

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4AD Records

4AD is a British label started in 1980. Their roster includes greats like Ariel Pink, Atlas Sound, Beirut, Bon Iver, Deerhunter, Future Islands,The National.

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