KING TUFF – Black Moon Spell

KING TUFF – Black Moon Spell

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[Free US Shipping] Crushing guitar rock at its finest, King Tuff's third LP is a moderately demonic ear f***er that keeps the DIY spirit alive. Vinyl Loop was sold on this record about three notes into the opening track, have a listen below (it features the amazing Ty Segall on drums).


In the words of Kyle Thomas, King Tuff himself, this record is "a heavily weird, heavenly dark, hysterically magical Rock and Roll Sexperience..."

Kyle Thomas, aka King Tuff, was a totally unknown entity before Sub Pop found him, literally, living with his parents in Vermont.

"Listen to Black Moon Spell, turn yr volume knob up to 666, put yr lover in a 69, and let yr inner grinagog rear it’s wicked, unwashed, smiling snake head."

Vinyl Loop concurs that this is the way this album is designed to go down.

It's a decade-bending...

...hard-charging, noisy, fun, rock record, one of the best in quite some time.

It's Time to Shred

Watch the video for Headbanger in the tracklist

No one involved was prepared to make a record, but an invisible hand pushed them to make Black Moon Spell.

Perhaps it was God or that special someone we all know and love called The Devil.

God and The Devil actually have very similar interests. They both love electric guitars and they both want you to listen to Black Moon Spell and freak the fuck out.”

The best things come in thin square packages.