Black Mountain – IV (White Vinyl, 2xLPs)

Black Mountain – IV (White Vinyl, 2xLPs)

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[White Vinyl, 2xLPs Free US Shipping & Digital Download] – IV

The fourth album from Vancouver hard rock band Black Mountain rolls everything up the band has ever done—the heavy riffs, the prog ambitions, and the pop smarts—into an alternate-universe version of classic-rock history. Now Available.

On IV, Black Mountain redefines classic rock in the new millennium, bravely taking the old and merging it successfully with the new.

Listen to “Mothers of the Sun” Below

The fourth album from Black Mountain rolls up the weed-scented riffage of their 2005 self-titled debut, the prog-sized ambitions of In the Future, and the pop-focussed finesse of Wilderness Heart, all while embracing electronics with a zeal that suggests the band's relationship with modern music has become somewhat less tortured.

“Where they once aspired to be your blood-pumping druganaut, Black Mountain now excel at the art of making you uncomfortably numb.” -PITCHFORK

IV reminds us that technologically curious early adopters like Rush, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd were among the original synth-pop bands, using push-button machinery to expand and enhance their fantastical vision rather than cloud it.

This album is both a bold and hard-hitting progression towards new and innovative classic rock.

“Even the cover art of IV depicts the stress and malaise of a future out of control: A space-suited figure's face is obscured by a visor as flames burst out on manicured lawns, the SST Concorde in flight overhead. It's of a piece with the explorations on IV: cut from a cloth of wild fantasy and chilling isolation, like a stack of sci-fi paperbacks come to life.” -NPR

Black Mountain –IV

IV plows forward into a new, innovative space where Black Mountain continues to reinvent the classic rock sounds of the 70s with bold new direction.

Vocalists Stephen McBean and Amber Webber play to their strengths:

McBean sounds like a burnout wise beyond his years, whereas Webber howls like a veritable Mother Of Sorrow who brings her songs low with a tough but tremulous alto.

Released by Jagjaguwar, this limited edition 2xLP white vinyl album offers an experience like no other, delving deeply into the timelessness of classic rock and musical evolution at the same time.

  • Mothers of the Sun
  • Florian Saucer Attack
  • Defector
  • You Can Dream
  • Constellations
  • Line Them All Up
  • Cemetery Breeding
  • (Over and Over) The Chain
  • Crucify Me
  • Space to Bakersfield

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