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French Style Furs

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[LIMITED CLEAR VINYL] French Style Furs is the high energy side project of Cold War Kids and We Barbarians... an indie super group. The record is a rocker, listen loud! Bass and drum driven, much of it was crafted during live sessions and while touring together. The LP captures a spontaneous urgency from the musicians, but sounds like they spent years writing it. Featuring musicians from Tom Waits' band, Dirty Projectors, and the producer of Nick Cave and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Is Exotic Bait

Is Exotic Bait came to fruition through a combination of fate, artistic vision and the spontaneity of three longtime friends.

French Style Furs is a modern day indie super group made up of Nathan Willett and Matt Maust (from Cold War Kids) and Nathan Warketin (from We Barbarians).

The inspiration of Is Exotic Bait came from Willett's idea to use the poetry of Thomas Merton as the lyrics. These poems opened a door of possibilities for Willett to sing unhinged and gave vision and direction to the album.

The album is produced by Nick Launay (Nick Cave, Yeah Yeah Yeahs).

"It’s an impressive debut...

...and hopefully the first of many collaborations between these friends." - Consequence of Sound

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Is Exotic Bait Tracklist and Video

It's an alt-rock record with some slightly darker undertones. The stunning lyrics are borrowed from a 20th century monk's poetry, though you might never know it just listening.

FSF are long-time friends and tour mates, and you can feel that their work together emerged organically from a basis of friendship, but also diverges meaningfully from their parent bands.

  • 01. 3 Friends
  • 02. All The Way Down
  • 03. (World In My) Bloodstream
  • 04. Solitary Life
  • 05. Miami U R About 2 B Surprised
  • 06. Ambassadors Of General Electric
  • 07. Turn Or Burn
  • 08. Man The Master
  • 09. Christmas Card
  • 10. Clairvaux Prison

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