Kevin Morby– Singing Saw

Kevin Morby– Singing Saw

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Singing Saw is a record written simply and realized orchestrally. In it, Kevin Morby faces the reality that true beauty – deep and earned – demands a whole-world balance that includes our darker sides. It is a record of duality, one that marks another stage of growth for this young, gifted songwriter with a kind face and a complicated mind.

What is a singing saw? It is an instrument that creates ethereal sounds, but it is also a tool: basic and practical while also being fearsome, even destructive.

Listen to “I Have Been to the Mountain” Here

Morby opens Singing Saw with "Cut Me Down", a song of tears, debts and a prescient vision of being reduced to nothing. "I Have Been to the Mountain", "Destroyer" and "Black Flowers" continue to explore beauty and freedom, seizing upon the rot that seeps into even the supposedly safest of realms; peace, family and romantic love.

Morby claims a fascination for spooky, dark subjects: “They make for a good story. It’s hard to explain without sounding too cheesy, but there’s something very beautiful about them... there’s a sense of hope, which is a very attractive quality. But it’s hopefulness while feeling doomed.”

Morby’s Singing Saw is a brilliant record for lots of reasons. Somehow, it packages freaky, uncomfortable stories in luxurious, detailed songs.

As inspiration, Morby draws from his childhood experience:

“I had a very easy middle class upbringing and never had to worry about anything. But my parents came from nothing and from broken homes and their stories were always very interesting.” –Kevin Morby

Kevin Morby –Singing Saw

Singing Saw draws from dark themes to inspire creative, complex storytelling that’s sure to captivate the most discerning of listeners.

Morby’s voice exudes confidence beyond that which he has shown on previous efforts, demonstrating maturity in his craft.

Morby fulfills the promise many heard on his first two albums, bringing his most realized effort of songwriting and lyricism to fruition.

Kevin Morby’s album is released via Dead Oceans. Look for opportunities to see him live, as he’s currently touring the US.

  • Cut Me Down
  • I Have Been to the Mountain
  • Singing Saw
  • Drunk and on a Star
  • Dorothy
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Destroyer
  • Black Flowers
  • Water

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