Kishi Bashi – Sonderlust  (Gold/Black Split Vinyl)

Kishi Bashi – Sonderlust (Gold/Black Split Vinyl)

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[Gold/Black Split Vinyl, Free US Shipping & Digital Download] – Sonderlust

Produced by Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor, Sonderlust spins out in many directions over the course of its 10 songs, from the spangly ballad "Flame On Flame (A Slow Dirge)" to "Ode To My Next Life," a disco-ball fantasia in search of a roller rink. Even as violins squeak in "Hey Big Star," the bass wobbles fervently in choruses that buzz and sway, while "Statues In A Gallery" invokes the giddy, hyper-produced highs of Animal Collective. Now Available.

On Sonderlust, Kishi Bashi exudes swoony romantic yearning that pairs nicely with a searching, empathetic quality worthy of Sonderlust's title. This album is boldly outpouring with emotion on all levels; it rarely sits stationary and reaches beyond genres.

Listen to “Hey Big Star” here

Kishi Bashi neither returns to his familiar pop sound nor brings the string ensemble into the studio. The new work is a retro-minded hybrid, encompassing both styles to maximize artistic expression

“As an artist, I’m required to evolve. I don’t want to fall back on my strengths.” –Kishi Bashi

Sonderlust covers vast ground, bringing together synth pop, disco, prog rock, cymbol work, an array of strings, and other vastly experimental sounds. The album is a whimsical expression of majesty, redefining yet again the Kishi Bashi statement.

Slant Magazine says:

“In the past, Ishibashi's songs have often leaned toward epic storytelling; the narrative of a creation myth was even the centerpiece of 2014's Lighght. Sonderlust is far more personal, with its spare use of grander images focused not on creation, but destruction.”

Kishi Bashi –Sonderlust

Sonderlust swoops forward into a new, innovative space where Kishi Bashi continues to reinvent himself, leaning more on synthesizers, guitars, and Ableton software.

On Sonderlust, Ishibashi has broadened his range, tapping into a rawer songwriting vein.

He doesn't entirely abandon his violin or penchant for string arrangements, but they only play a complementary role here, with disco, R&B, prog rock, and synthwave serving as a sumptuous vehicle for his foray into the darker side of romantic relationships.

By grounding the album in the duality of love's joy and pain, and the ultimately ephemeral nature of both, Kishi Bashi achieves something close to transcendence.

  • m’lover
  • Hey Big Star
  • Say Yeah
  • Can’t Let Go, Juno
  • Ode to My Next Life
  • Who’d You Kill
  • Statues in a Gallery
  • Why Don’t You Answer Me
  • Flame on Flame (a Slow Dirge)
  • Honeybody

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