Steven A. Clark - The Lonely Roller (Limited Blue Vinyl)

Steven A. Clark - The Lonely Roller (Limited Blue Vinyl)

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[Limited Blue Vinyl, Free US Shipping & Download] Chances are you haven’t heard of Steven A. Clark yet. But with this debut album from Secretly Canadian, rest assured, you’ll be hearing more. He’s one of the best kept secrets in music at the moment, with his experimental take on R&B, gorgeous voice, and beats that riff on Kanye’s 808s, but better! Release Sept 18th.

Outlaws, Road Trippers, Outsiders, and Lonely Rollers

Mark Our Words, Steven A. Clark Will Be A Star

On his cinematic new album, Steven A. Clark is stepping up into the world of Lauryn Hill, Sinkane, and while we don’t want to overstate things… yes, Kanye too in a way. Check out the track “Lonely Roller” here. About 10 seconds into, the words “instant classic” came to mind.

“With his debut LP The Lonely Roller, Clark joins the ranks of Lauryn Hill and Adele this is a vibrant, eclectic record” – SPIN Magazine

Mixing bright, pulsing electronic arrangements with dark, confessional lyrics, The Lonely Roller is more of a movie than isolated images. It’s a full concept that flows and ties together.

"I don't want to just be some guy...

trying to bring something back, but I always think there is room for a flawed character. The characters in the songs and me, they're often the same guy. That's why I use my actual name. There's no point in just talking about the character on stage." - Steven A. Clark

The Lonely Roller Tracks and Videos

Check out the video for single “Can’t Have”

The Lonely Roller is Steven’s debut album with the hugely reputable Secretly Canadian record label. While a fully complete and finished product, you can tell that this is just the beginning, a prelude to his expanding fresh, captivating perspective.

Steven A. Clark is like that next stranger to roll into town, a restless artist recasting R&B. He's a straight-talker in a genre filled with wish-fulfillment, whimsy and cliched beats; think the Outlaw Josey Wales raised on N.E.R.D. and 808 & Heartbreak.

Miami-by-way of Fayetteville, NC, Clark’s raw, confessional singing and personal stories pair with pulsing synthesizers and rhythms that hand in the air like a glowing grid of roadside neon. It’s a means for the soft-spoken artist to process all the drama in his head. The album dances in the space between a young Peter Gabriel's transparent, generous vision for musical pop art, and Anthony Hamilton's classically tinged R&B.

  • Lonely Roller
  • Trouble Baby
  • Not You
  • Can’t Have
  • Bounty
  • Time Machine
  • Floral Print
  • Part Two
  • She’s In Love
  • Young, Wild, Free

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Secretly Canadian

We're fortunate to work with Indiana’s Secretly Canadian many great releases. They are a stalwart of the independent music world.

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