Surfer Blood – Snowdonia (White Vinyl)

Surfer Blood – Snowdonia (White Vinyl)

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[Limited Release White Vinyl, Free US Shipping & Digital Download] – Snowdonia

Amid the deaths of several rock notables last year was the loss of Surfer Blood guitarist Thomas Fekete, who died from a rare, aggressive stomach cancer at only 27 years old. As one might expect, struggling through that traumatic ordeal—and frontman John Paul Pitts’ mother being diagnosed with breast cancer as well—gives the Florida band’s fourth album, Snowdonia, a bit of a darker, melancholy bent. Now Available.

The band’s recent turbulent times have not only brought a slightly darker tone, but the subject matter is a bit different, too. This album is not one to miss.

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The frontman of Surfer Blood, Pitts, takes it upon himself to both carry the torch and create a new band from scratch—fully writing and mixing the album as he did on 2010 debut Astro Coast.

“In a world so full of murky intentions,” Pitts sings, “we’ll make ourselves a home.” –Blood Surfer, Matter of Time, Snowdonia

It’s a bright and powerful return, perhaps best represented by the opening track, Matter of Time, which is filled with a desire to seek salvation from their music.

Amazing things are to come from Surfer Blood!

Snowdonia shares Surfer Blood’s clear sense of melancholy and yearning, but there’s also optimism spilling out from the edges. It’s a calmer, more contemplative record, and it’s definitely worth a spin!

Surfer Blood –Snowdonia

This new album definitely boasts a new Surfer Blood. Take a chance, though, as the core of the group remains solid; things are looking really bright for their future!

Tragedy defines experiences of all individuals at some point in time. Music is a form of art that enables expression and provides some level of commonality for all who dare to listen.

The evolution of this band tracks with the reality of so many humans on the earth, and it’s the result of tough life experiences coupled with emotions and raw energy.

This record isn’t exactly the same as past efforts, but those who can open appreciate the evolution of artists may just find a gem in Surfer Blood’s latest effort.

  • Matter of Time
  • Frozen
  • Dino Jay
  • Six Flags in F or G
  • Snowdonia
  • Instant Dopplegangers
  • Taking Care of Eddy
  • Carrier Pigeon

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