Suuns – Hold/Still  (LP)

Suuns – Hold/Still (LP)

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[LP, Free US Shipping & Digital Download] – Hold/Still

Hold/Still is an unsteady album. It’s a consistent, methodical unsteadiness that hangs a song on a single blurred synth tone, a suspension bridge between two guitars acres apart in the mix, and then shoots it with bolts of electricity. Now Available.

On Hold/Still, Suuns brings guitar music backed with a steady throb of dystopian dance and spiked with sudden, unexpected sounds that can be hard to place at first hearing.

Listen to “UN-NO” below

Hold/Still falls in love with obscurity. Holed up in Dallas, Suuns took three weeks to record the album and, by the sound of it, that heat began to bend their mental light for the better.

“Precision, minimalism, repetition, and unsettling deviations of said repetition - these are the building blocks of the surly universe created by Montreal's Suuns.” –Secretly Canadian

Hold/Still’s depth comes from the use of industrial noise. Walls enclose the entire scope of “Careful”, as thudding house music enters from a neighbor’s apartment.

Consequence of Sound says:

“The four remain honest with their work, and the work rises to the challenge as a result. With only three solo full-lengths to their name, Suuns show the talent of a band far beyond their age.”

Suuns –Hold/Still

Hold/Still finds a home in a world of weirdness; it slows down the clock so it begins to look even weirder, melding the best sounds into some color Pantone couldn’t label if they tried.

On Hold/Still, the group remains true to psychedelic, experimental rock; and what a ride!

There’s something to be said for when things turn sour, and onHold/Still, Montreal-based quartet Suuns embrace that openly.

The album is a musing, a plea, and a safe experience all at once. The music reaps as much direct feeling as the heightened awareness of staying still.

  • Fall
  • Instrument
  • UN-NO
  • Resistance
  • Mortise and Tenon
  • Translate
  • Brainwash
  • Careful
  • Paralyzer
  • Nobody Can Save Me Now
  • Infinity

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