The Magic Whip - Blur (Double 180g LP)

The Magic Whip - Blur (Double 180g LP)

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[FREE US Shipping] Holy sh*t guys Blur is back! Sing it with me, Wwwoooooo hoooooo :) On their first album in 12 years, the iconic Brit-rockers have earned universal critical acclaim. It's across the board a hell of a comeback, and everything a fan could possibly want. "Better great than never, right?" When a former massively popular band releases an album over 10 years later, we set our expectations low. But Blur has delivered something unique and awesome - enough of their old jangle, with new and different feels. Release April 28 / Shipping May 4 or earlier

Welcome back Blur!

Take a stroll down 'Lonesome Street'

SoundCloud isn't available for this album, so the player here doesn't do anything, but don't fret! Head down the page to listen to all the great tracks. We recommend the third single, Lonesome Street. It represents many of the best aspects of the album. It doesn't have the distorted guitar drive that you may love though - for that, head down the page and listen to "Go Out."

"It sounds like nothing has changed — as though Damon Albarn and his bandmates have been cryogenically frozen since they put out their last album in 2003." - Consequence of Sound

Blur's 8th studio album began in 2013 as a jam sessions with the original Blur lineup in Hong Kong. Rather than being labored over for the next two years, it actually was only produced and worked on in spurts of creativity, which you can notably hear on the album. It's not over-produced in any way. The band seems immune from any pressures of a "comeback" and instead just followed their ears into a whole new Blur.

It’s a testament to the band’s intangible chemistry...

... that The Magic Whip doesn’t feel like an Albarn (or a Coxon) solo effort; the album sounds like a Blur record. And despite its flaws, this new music is insidiously catchy, with plenty of unorthodox hooks that linger after the record ends. The key to embracing Blur in 2015 is remembering it’s not the fresh-faced Britpop band with dreams of arch world domination, but a group who convene when they feel they have something to say and musical ideas worthy of sharing. - AV Club

Magic Whip Tracks, Videos

You can stream the album in its entirety anywhere you have interwebs. Here's the tracklist as well as the videos that are available.

Blur has had various lineup issues and struggles in the past. But on Magic Whip, enough time had passed for the original lineup to play nicely together, and play they have done. Graham Coxon, the original Blur guitarist is featured on the entire album as well as the original lineup of Alex James (Bass) and Dave Rowntree (Drums).

Oh and did I mention Damon Albarn? Of course. Coxon was absent from the band from 2002-2008 due to internal disputes. Alex James, interestingly, is now the owner of a farm in England where he is renowned for artisan cheese production. He hosts an annual food festival.

Blur records under Parlophone Records, as well as Warner Bros. Records. While Vinyl Loop doesn't typically promote major label releases, sometimes we just have to put the music first, and this album was too good not to work with.

  • Blur Discussing Magic Whip with NME
  • Lonesome Street (Official Video)
  • New World Towers
  • Go Out (Official Video)
  • Ice Cream Man
  • Thought I Was a Spaceman
  • I Broadcast
  • My Terracotta Heart
  • There Are Too Many of Us (Official Video)
  • Ghost Ship
  • Pyongyang
  • Ong Ong
  • Mirrorball

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