The Men – Leave Home (Clear Vinyl)

The Men – Leave Home (Clear Vinyl)

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[Limited Release Clear Vinyl, Free US Shipping & Digital Download] – Leave Home

The Men, back in 2011, breathed new life into the genre of hardcore and created a seminal album that’s truly for punks of all ages. Take a listen to this important and memorable album, which influenced many acts to follow suit in this genre. Available Now.

Leave Home is an eight-course feast curated and prepared by Black Flag, Guy Picciotto, Sleep, and Queens of the Stone Age, but it leaves a singular aftertaste that is all its own.

Preview all eight tracks here:

With a whole quiver full of sounds to pull from, the four-piece worked hard to corral all of their influences into a cohesive, demanding, and abrasive album.

“Leave Home soaks itself in anxiety and washes it away with waves of dirty psych in a debut that will have as many fists in the air as it will have heads in the clouds–but, like real scary clouds with angular lines and spiders and whatnot.” –Consequence of Sound

After 41 minutes, Leave Home doesn’t linger like a flashback, it sticks like a demented structure that’s mysteriously magnetic and, in the end, really fun.

Consequence of Sound proudly proclaims:

“It’s good to hear music this fucking terrifying.”

The Men –Leave Home

This album definitely embodies some serious emotion, which is no surprise due to the dynamic makeup of the super group!

Wide-open jams are juxtaposed with claustrophobic, psychotic fits.

It’s a bad trip you won’t want to come down from.

This record, spanning over eight demented tracks, spins for over 40 minutes of pure distress.

  • If You Leave
  • Lotus
  • Think
  • L.A.D.O.C.H.
  • ( )
  • Bataille
  • Shittin’ With the Shah
  • Night Landing

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