Ty Segall - Manipulator

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The Headlines

[Back in stock] Mysterious, ethereal, and unbelievably beautiful, stunning dare we say. The energetic Swedish duo of JJ returns with their first full length LP since 2010's jj no. 3. This album can be listened to 1,000 times and you'll notice something new and subtle every time.

The Album

The clarion call/siren sound of his guitar....the helium-steamed ride of the vocals....track after track, releasing the thought that have been holding us down, all in the name of getting higher on pop songs. Why have one when you can have two? It's a big world, and MANIPULATOR has only begun to fight.

The Artist

Ty Segall is a hugely prolific fuzz rocker based in LA. He collaborates frequently with Mikal Cronin, and also has other bands like Ty Segall Band. He's an explorer and constantly trying new things, primarily in the realms of garage, psych, noise, and glam.

The Label

Vinyl Loop is pumped to be working with Drag City Records out of Chicago for the first time. They are an important label in terms of pushing the boundaries, and release material from artists like Pavement, Joanna Newsom, Cave, Dope Body, Stereolab and many others.