Ultimate Painting – Dusk  (Purple Vinyl)

Ultimate Painting – Dusk (Purple Vinyl)

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[Purple Vinyl, Free US Shipping & Digital Download] – Dusk

Ultimate Painting’s sound is not undertaken without serious consideration; we are undoubtedly experiencing the first flush of two fine pop craftsmen. And while their sanguine restraint might not be starting any moshpits any time soon,Dusk – like its namesake – contains a multitude of quiet rewards. Now Available.

Dusk is an indie pop stunner, marked by influences from artists like Paul McCartney, Velvet Underground, and The Byrds. The duo excels at a simplistic approach to music, which results in a winning formula.

Listen to “Bills” here

Ultimate Painting continues to trade on the values that have won them so many fans up until now – deeply unfashionable concepts such as patience, simplicity and reliability.

“We're not exactly lacking for shaggy dropouts railing against the system, but “Bills” feels like an elegy for a band's ability to exist in a capital city, and for arrested development.”–Pitchfork

If you like simplicity and don’t want any surprises, Dusk is sure to please. The duo shines with its third album, ensuring complete satisfaction from its loyal fan base.

The Quietus says:

Ultimate Painting “ isn’t a band designed for crashing climaxes but for something more considered.”

Ultimate Painting –Dusk

Dusk is a sugar-coated pill with lots of bitterness and angst at its core. It’s the perfect unfolding of deeply disturbing emotions shrouded in happiness and smiles.

On Dusk, the duo produces melodies so gorgeous that they tug at the heartstrings with one hand and turn on the waterworks with the other.

The album plays to a formula without sounding formulaic or stagnant.

The album is definitely a representation of a solid indie band evolving to higher grounds, appealing surely to a larger and more robust audience. Take a chance on this gem!

  • Bills
  • Songs for Brian Jones
  • A Portrait of Jason
  • Lead the Way
  • Monday Morning, Somewhere Central
  • Who is Your Next Target?
  • Skippool Creek
  • I’m Set Free
  • Silhouetted Shimmering
  • I Can’t Run Anymore

The best things come in thin square packages.

Trouble in Mind

The label’s name says it all!!!

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